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Electronics, battery module and sensor development

Vulpés develops portable and stationary electronics, sensors, battery products and systems.

Elektronik-, Batteriemodul- und Sensorentwicklung | Vulpés

Vulpés develops application-oriented electronics, sensor-based components and battery modules. These can be made in a waterproof and shockproof design. The components are used in particular for the production of electronic equipment, smart clothing and wearables. 


The PCBs can be tested for heat generation, resilience, power management, etc., among other things. Further project-dependent tests are to be agreed individually with the customer and adapted to the respective project requirements. 

Robust firmware is required to control the electronics and collect and process the sensor data. Vulpés is able to create the firmware for the control, monitoring and management functions, as well as for programming data storage, processing, analysis and evaluation models. These are required in particular for smart applications in which the products and systems work autonomously or partially autonomously. 

Elektronikentwicklung für Wearables, smarte Kleidung und stationäre Geräte | Vulpés

Electronics development

Vulpés develops electronics for stationary and portable devices including on-board sensors, microcontrollers, communication modules and other components. 

Entwicklung von Sensorsystemen | Vulpés

Development of sensor systems

Vulpés develops sensors especially for wearables or other stationary devices. Various sensors, optimal placement, switching and performance monitoring are taken into account.

Entwicklung von Batteriesystemen | Vulpés

Development of battery systems

Vulpés particularly focuses on the development of portable battery systems, taking into account the necessary power, charging times, discharge efficiency, safety aspects and costs during development.

Embedded Engineering / Firmware

Developing firmware for smart products involves creating a detailed design document, writing code, implementing algorithms and data structures that enable the firmware to perform the intended functions.

Entwicklung von Kommunikationssysteme

Communication systems

The communication systems for data and signal exchange are part of the electronics development. These cover data transfer over both short and medium distances. 

Entwicklung von Sicherheitssystemen

Security systems

To ensure the safety of the electronics, the batteries and the entire system, Vulpés develops customized safety systems to monitor the components as well as the entire system.

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