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The heat technology

With the intelligent heating technology you can create an individual microclimate in the clothes. This not only increases comfort, but also has a preventive effect in supporting the body in the fight against overcooling or hypothermia. In addition to leisure, sports and work, the heat technology can also be used in health and therapeutic applications for targeted treatments. 

Depending on the area of application and effect, the system can be configured differently to meet requirements for ambient temperature, control, thermal technology and surfaces or battery systems. 

Smart heat technology for leisure, sport, work and health



health and therapy


rescue workers and firefighters

police and security service




motorcycle and bicycle


leisure and outdoors

Leisure time


The ...

Warmth and heating technology

Depending on the area of application, required performance, flexibility and integration architecture, different heating technologies can be used. 

1. Untreated and treated heating wires 

2. Synthetic sheathed heating elements

3. Graph elements

Each of these technologies has advantages and disadvantages and can be used depending on the requirements for the final product.  

The heating elements can be made waterproof or fireproof, as well as impact and crush resistant through finishing options. 

The change in heating properties

control options

Depending on the application, there are 4 different options for adjusting the heat. 

1. Button with haptic control unit attached to clothing or control module. 


2. Smartphone, with the help of which one can set different functions and variations such as heat intensity, timer, sensor properties, etc. 

3. Voice control, with which you can adjust the thermal properties through different voice commands. 

4. Autonomous control, which automatically switches the heat on or off depending on the event (e.g. change in ambient or body temperature) and changes the corresponding settings. 

Vulpés KidneyBelt - Heat Control.png

The energy source for thermoregulation

battery opfunctions

Battery options can be customized based on heating system configuration. Various properties such as capacity, size, shape, battery life, housing properties, operating temperature, battery life, connection systems, integration methods and many other aspects are taken into account. 

Vulpés already offers some pre-configured and pre-certified battery systems. All other adjustments can be made to the customer-specific project. 


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