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Making smart products with the Vulpés IoT platform

Take your products to the next level

The digitization of conventional products provides companies with new innovative solutions which add value and enhance the comfort, performance, and productivity of end-users or simplifies operational processes.


As a technology provider for connected solutions, sensors, electronics, IT and battery systems, Vulpés provides you with support from the idea phase, through development and production, to certification and market entry, whether you intend to develop a new product or improve an existing one. 


We provide support for different types of products or subsystems, from clothing and furniture to components for the automotive or aerospace industries.


Technology provider for smart products and systems

Vulpés is a North-German based company that designs, develops, manufactures and sells smart products and systems. With years of experience in the industry, Vulpés obtained the skills and know-how to execute the complete development and production cycle of hard- and software products. From concept to completion, our team works closely with you to meet your specifications. 

Don't let the complexity of the electronics and software stop you. We would be happy to support you in your future project.

Vulpés Smart Wear - We make your products smart
Vulpés IoT - platform for transformation of conventional to smart products

Our development services cover a wide range of solutions, including PCB design, firmware and mobile application development, appropriate material selection, battery, electronic and sensor system development, repid prototyping, customized quality assurance and so on. Our team uses new technologies and tools to ensure that your product is reliable, efficient and scalable. At every stage of the development process, we prioritize quality and performance to ensure your product or system meets the highest standards.


Performance-oriented. Interconnected. Secure.

Product design and development

Product design and development

Development and production of electronics

Development of electronics, firmware, battery and sensor systems

Production of modules and components

Manufacturing of modules and components

Development of mobile applications

Development of mobile applications

Back-end system development

Development and connection of the back-end system

Manufacturing of smart clothing and wearables devices

Production of smart clothing and wearable devices


From smart jewelry to aerospace applications

Vulpés offers development and production services for companies and governmental institutions. 


Our focus segments are fashion, sports, interior, health, industry and government-related institutions. 

In addition to our own smart clothing brand, Vulpés has already carried out numerous projects for leisure and sportswear manufacturers, companies from the interior segment, industrial suppliers and aerospace facilities. 

Smart clothing and accessories for fashion brands


Smart clothing and accessories for sports and outdoor


Smart home care devices for interior


Smart clothing and accessories for health and therapy


IoT smart clothing and wearables devices for industry improving health and safety


Vulpés Smart Clothing for Defence.png



The aim of our innovative technologies is to improve people's everyday lives. Started in 2014, our team of engineers, coders and designers has been working hard on new concepts with the aim of developing an efficient and powerful IoT platform that can be used as an "engine" for digitization of conventional products.

The advantages at a glance: 

Access to smart technology by using Vulpés as partner

Access to Technologies

Vulpés has already developed a wide range of modules and components for smart applications and continues to work on new technologies and improve the hardware and software architecture.  

Fast time-to market with pre-build Vulpés IoT platform

Fast time to market

Thanks to the Vulpés IoT platform and the sub-modules, as well as the established supplier networks, the time from the idea to the product launch can be significantly reduced.

Cost-effiency in development and production of smart products and wearable devices


With Vulpés as a development and production partner, you can bring new, smart products cost-effectively on the market. With the partially pre-developed hard- and software modules as well as scale effects during the buying cycle, our partners benefit from cost-advantages in almost all implementation phases of the project. 

one stop shop for development and production of smart gear

From the idea to implementation

We provide you with support within different phases, from the development of ideas and feasibility studies to the development and production of the entire products or system as well as support with the market launch and after-sales service. With our team you have a central contact for all aspects within the project. 

High quality of smartwear products


To ensure high longevity, we use robust and proven electronic components, materials, battery and communication systems. The manufacturing processes are strictly controlled so that potential errors within the sometimes complex supply chains can be avoided.

Expirienced team to transform conventional to smart products

Experienced team

In recent years, Vulpés has launched more than 20 smart products for different applications and customer groups. Our team consists mostly of designers, engineers and production experts who work with great enthusiasm on new technologies, materials and industrial processes.


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