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For a safe and healthy working environment

Smart workwear can help increase the safety, health and productivity of employees. Numerous application scenarios are possible and can vary based on the industry and the use case. For example, embedded sensors can provide an indication of the employee's workload and warn the staff at an early stage. In addition, adding heat increases comfort and minimizes negative health effects such as hypothermia. Furthermore, the ambient air as well as the concentration of harmful gases can be measured with embedded sensors. An intelligent alarm management system can be used to warn employees in case of danger with LEDs integrated into the clothing and navigate them out of danger zones. 


By connecting the devices and data flow, employees' productivity can be significantly increased by having all the necessary information immediately available. Thus, the employee can make decisions without delay.

Improvment of working conditions with Vulpés IoT technologies
Functions of smart workwear
Vulpés bietet Technologien für die tragbare Wärmesteuerung in der Kleidung


Alarmmanagement Systeme als Frühwarnsysteme zur Verbesserung der Sicherheit

Alarm management

Vulpés intelligente Lichtsysteme für die verbesserte Sichtbarkeit am Arbeitsplatz

Smart lighting systems

Vernetzung von Arbeitsplätzen in der Industrie

Interconnectivity of workplaces

Messung von Vitaldaten und Erschöpfungszuständen

Measurement of vital and physiological data

Messung von Erschöpfungszuständen

Measurement of fatigue states

Produktivitätserhöhung und Verbesserung der Sicherheit mit smarten Systemen

Example - an interconnected industrial workplace

Productivity enhancement with smart systems

The connected industrial workplace refers to the integration of various technologies and systems in a manufacturing or industrial environment. It involves the use and integration of sensors, artificial intelligence and integration know-how to create a more efficient, environmental friendly, safe and productive workplace.


With connected industrial workplaces, machines and portable systems can communicate with each other and share information in real time to optimize performance and reduce downtime. This enables an optimized production process, which ultimately translates into cost savings and increased profitability.


In addition, downtime can be reduced through preventative measures such as accidents or staff absenteeism with the help of smart clothing. For example, a smart jacket can regulate body temperature to keep workers comfortable and focused on their tasks. Similarly, smart gloves could be equipped with sensors to detect hand movements, provide feedback to workers, and allow for more precise control during tasks that require fine motor skills.


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Improvement of visibility with the embedded smart illumination system

Example - illumination technology in the working environment

Security through visibility

Built-in illumination technology improves worker's visibility and safety in dimly lit or hazardous environments such as night streets, tunnels or warehouses. The illuminated clothing is equipped with integrated lighting elements and can be activated manually or autonomously by integrated sensors. 

In combination with sensors, the lighting can regulate autonomously in the dark and flash or change color in the event of danger, such as the presence of dangerous gases. This can be used to create a conspicuous alarm management for the safety of employees. 

In addition to safety, smart lighting clothing for industry can also improve workers' productivity and comfort. For example, the illuminating clothing could provide focused lighting at the workplace or illuminate the workspace around the wearer. 

Why choosing Vulpés

Access to technology to build smart products

Access to technology

Fast time-to-market from design to delivery of smart goods

Fast time to market

Providing one-stop shop for design, development and production services for smart products

From the idea to implementation

cost efficent development and production of smartwear products

Cost efficient

Experienced team consisting of designers, engineeres and production specialists to digitalize conventional to smart products

Experienced team

High quality of smart wear products due to well-established quality assurance system


Project examples

workplace environment.jpg

Improving health and safety at the industrial workplace

In our commitment to prioritizing the well-being of employees, we started the project together with Incoretex (Germany) under the umbrella of EU Shop4CF [] aimed at preventing health issues and fostering a secure and thriving work environment. This initiative is driven by the understanding that a safe workplace not only protects the team’s physical health but also contributes to their overall job satisfaction and productivity.

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