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The interconnected home, efficient & digital

Smart Home is a well-known application in which the customer has all the data of his home at a glance and can adapt the specific home-related functions to his needs. With the smartphone or voice command, the user has the option to adjust settings such as warmth and light intensity or their favorite music genre. Interior objects such as sofas, beds, mirrors, and other products can be digitized to offer greater convenience to customers. 

In addition to the comfort and efficiency aspects, a smart home can protect owners and trigger alarm systems in the event of privacy and security breaches. 

Vulpés IoT smart interior
Smart interior features
Vulpés wearable heating and cooling technology


Automation of houshold tasks with smart technologies

Automation of household tasks

Vulpés smart illumination technology for smart clothing and wearable devices

Smart lighting systems

Integrated smart technologies to enhance the sleeping comfort

Sleep monitoring

Vulpés safety systems monitors the environment to provide unlimited protection

Security systems

Energy generation and harvesting with wearable and stationary devices

Energy harvesting

Frau schlafen

Exmample - Smart heated mattress

Higher sleeping comfort thanks to smart thermoretulated bedding systems

The adjustable temperature settings within a mattress can help to regulate body temperature, promote relaxation, and improve sleep quality. Additionally, heating systems can help relieve joint pain and stiffness, and provide added comfort for those with arthritis or other conditions.

The integrated heating technology creates a warm, woolly ambience and offers ideal comfort settings tailored to the individual customer. The most modern thermal technology from Vulpés adapts seamlessly to the material structure. In addition, the thermal technology is thin, flexible, water-resistant, robust and has a high level of safety and efficiency. The heating elements can be laid out in different zones and controlled separately.


With the help of the IoT system, not only smart functions such as the off-timer, but also voice control, automation and other properties can be configured.


The embedded heating system offers a significantly higher efficiency compared to conventional home heaters in the room. This has a positive effect on energy consumption and helps to reduce the CO2 footprint.

Modern Office

Example - Energy harvesting

The electrified floor

Generating energy using piezoelectric technology in the ground is an innovative and sustainable solution for generating electricity from human movement. With this technology, piezoelectric sensors and transducers are built into the floor coverings, which can generate electricity when subjected to pressure or movement.

The advantages of this technology are numerous, especially in high-traffic areas such as airports, train stations and shopping malls. By harnessing the kinetic energy of footsteps and movements, piezoelectric technology can generate electricity that can be used to power lighting, sensors, and other electrical devices in the environment. This can significantly reduce reliance on traditional energy sources and help reduce the carbon footprint of these facilities.

In addition to the environmental benefits, power generation through piezoelectric technology can also provide economic benefits by reducing energy costs and improving the efficiency of  electrical systems.

Example - Energy harvesting

The electrified floor

A smart office with a heating chair, posture improvement, and illumination table is a technologically advanced workspace that integrates various features to enhance comfort, productivity, and overall well-being.

The heating chair is designed to provide warmth and relaxation while you work. It incorporates heating elements within the seat and backrest, which can be adjusted to different temperature levels. The chair's heating function helps alleviate muscle tension, promotes blood circulation, and offers a cozy environment during colder seasons. It can be controlled through a built-in control panel or via a smartphone app, allowing you to personalize the temperature settings according to your preferences.

The posture improvement feature focuses on promoting ergonomic sitting positions to support your spine and reduce the risk of back pain and discomfort. This feature can be integrated into the chair itself or as a separate device attached to the chair. It typically utilizes sensors or pressure-sensitive technology to monitor your posture and provide real-time feedback. For example, it may gently vibrate or emit a sound alert to remind you to sit up straight or adjust your sitting position. This promotes better posture habits and helps prevent the negative effects of prolonged sitting.

The illumination table is an intelligent workspace surface that incorporates adjustable lighting features. It utilizes integrated LED lights placed underneath or within the table, allowing you to customize the brightness and color temperature of the workspace. This adjustable lighting helps reduce eye strain, enhance focus, and create a comfortable working environment. Some illumination tables may also include built-in sensors that automatically adjust the lighting based on ambient light conditions, ensuring optimal illumination throughout the day.

Why choosing Vulpés

Access to technology to build smart products

Access to technology

Fast time-to-market from design to delivery of smart goods

Fast time to market

Providing one-stop shop for design, development and production services for smart products

From the idea to implementation

cost efficent development and production of smartwear products

Cost efficient

Experienced team consisting of designers, engineeres and production specialists to digitalize conventional to smart products

Experienced team

High quality of smart wear products due to well-established quality assurance system


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