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For supreme
health and performance

Each person has a different anatomic condition. Therefore, based on continuous data analysis of vital signs, motion, muscle work, and other parameters an individual training approach can optimize the performance results while avoiding overexertion and the negative consequences associated with it. Smart clothing advises the user to adopt the correct posture and supports him/her in indoor and outdoor exercises. Furthermore, the clothing can prevent injuries by providing thermal support and ensuring improved performance in colder environments. 

Vulpés makes sport equipment smart
Functions of smart sportswear
Vulpés heating and cooling support


Vulpés motion tracking system

Monitoring of

motion and movement

Vulpés smart illumination technology for smart clothing and wearable devices

Smart lighting systems

Measuring of fatigue levels

Measurement of fatigue states

Vulpés measuring of vital signs and physiological data

Measurement of

physiological data

AI - based trainingssupport

AI-based training support

Vulpés smart heated clothing

Example - Smart heated clothing

Microclimate in clothing

Smart heated clothing technology for sports and outdoor activities is revolutionizing the way we feel warm and comfortable in cold weather. This innovative technology uses heating elements and sensors to create an individual microclimate inside the clothing.

The heat pads are strategically placed throughout the garment to provide heat to the most sensitive areas of the body. The sensors monitor body temperature and adjust the heating output according to the weather conditions. Even with an extreme ambient temperature of up to -40°C / -40°F, the battery systems can be used and are also protected against external physical impacts.  

Join us on the mission to provide outdoor enthusiasts with smart, mobile warming support.

Vulpés monitoring of vital signs

Example - tracking and health monitoring

Physio and sports coach inside clothing

Wearable health monitoring for outdoor activities is a game changer for anyone who wants to keep track of their health and fitness while enjoying the great outdoors.

The technology uses sensors and tracking devices to monitor various biometric and vital parameters, including heart rate, respiratory rate, blood pressure, oxygen levels, etc. The sensors provide real-time data of an individual's health and fitness state and aid in better decision-making.

Offer your customers a safer and more effective outdoor experience with the smart health monitoring system.

Product examples for sports and outdoors
Intelligenter Helm
Vulpés Ganymed - smart heated vest
Vulpés intelligente illuminierte Sneaker

Smart bag with solar panels [100W]

Smart heated vest

Smart motorcycling helmet

Smart illuminating shoes

Why choosing Vulpés

Access to technology to build smart products

Access to technology

Fast time-to-market from design to delivery of smart goods

Fast time to market

Providing one-stop shop for design, development and production services for smart products

From the idea to implementation

cost efficent development and production of smartwear products

Cost efficient

Experienced team consisting of designers, engineeres and production specialists to digitalize conventional to smart products

Experienced team

High quality of smart wear products due to well-established quality assurance system


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