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Health first!

Smart clothing makes it possible to improve health through more precise and preventive diagnosis as well as optimized therapy. Continuous monitoring of vital signs provides data for more precise analyses and can help indicate early information regarding potential health issues. Diagnosis is becoming increasingly forward-looking and provides trends in health and risk development (ref. predictive health care). This enables the attending physician to determine a suitable therapy to counteract the potential disease before it can even break out (ref. predictive health care management).

Even in case of acute injuries, smart clothing can send the data to the emergency service before the physician arrives at the site. This in-depth information supports the treatment and increases the chance to save lives.

Furthermore, smart clothing provides additional benefits for therapy applications and can support specific treatments. 

Moreover, people with disabilities have the option to control specific smart functions such as heating support via voice command or gestures enabling them to use the features of smart clothing items. 

Vulpés provides technologies for pain reliefe | health care
Health wearables features
Vulpés wearable heating and cooling technology


Vulpés motion tracking technology

Motion capturing and monitoring

Vulpés smart illumination technology for smart clothing and wearable devices

Smart lighting systems

Vulpés measuring of fatigue levels

Measurement of fatigue states

Vulpés measuring of vital signs and physiological data

Measurement of vital and physiological data

Vulpés therapy support with connected wearable technologies

Therapy support

Vulpés vitalsigns monitoring and wearable diagnostics

Example - Vital signs monitoring

Continious diagnosis inside clothing

The monitoring of vital signs in clothing is a non-invasive technology that enables the surveilance of the most important health parameters such as heart rate, respiratory rate and body temperature. The embedded sensors inside the garments provide comfortable and mobile monitoring while doing daily tasks.

The monitoring of the vital signs in clothing can detect health risks at an early stage, enabling timely intervention and respective treatment. The technology can ultimately improve short- and long-term health outcomes.


In addition, the usage of wearable monitoring system can reduce the need for hospitalization and thereby reduce the costs for the healthcare systems. 


Example - Therapy support in the clinical area

Clinical Assistant inside the clothing

The smart clothing and other wearable devices can be used to support therapy. Real-time monitoring and data feedback can help clinical staff to plan treatment to be tailored to specific needs. 

The corresponding patient data is stored on protected server and can be viewed by various experts. 

Some of the treatment can be carried out from home with smart devices, reducing the length of stays and hospital occupancy. 

Why choosing Vulpés

Access to technology to build smart products

Access to technology

Fast time-to-market from design to delivery of smart goods

Fast time to market

Providing one-stop shop for design, development and production services for smart products

From the idea to implementation

cost efficent development and production of smartwear products

Cost efficient

Experienced team consisting of designers, engineeres and production specialists to digitalize conventional to smart products

Experienced team

High quality of smart wear products due to well-established quality assurance system


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