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Development of mobile applications and backend systems

Vulpés develops mobile applications for iOS and Android OS as well as backend systems with server / cloud interconnection. 

Development of interconnected mobile applications for smart clothing and wearable devices | Vulpés

Vulpés has extensive software development skills for programming mobile applications for iOS and Android OS.

The development processes include, among other things, the SW planning, coding of the front- and back-end as well as the analysis algorithms, the AI algorithms, the SW-HW tests.

In addition, Vulpés provides customers with SW maintenance and offers "over-the-air" upgrades for products that are already on the market. 

UI / UX Design

UI / UX design

Vulpés develops innovative and user-friendly interfaces for mobile applications for smartphones, smart watches, tablets or web applications. 


Backend development

Vulpés develops software applications that take over data storage, processing and communication with the front end on the server side. 

Punkte verbinden

Conventional and AI-based data analysis

Depending on the complexity and data volume of the system, data analysis, consolidation and evaluation can be carried out with the help of executing algorithms or machine learning.

Drahtlose Kopfhörer

Product connectivity

Vulpés enables interoperability between devices based on clear and efficient communication protocols between the firmware and the mobile application.


Application integration

Vulpés embeds the developed SW in the software environment and architecture using existing or customized APIs. 



Numerous quality assurance tests  are performed for each project, including functional, compatibility, usability, performance and regression tests.

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