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Product and system design

Vulpés provides design services for wearables, smart apparel, hardware products and connected systems

Product design services for smart clothing

Vulpés can support you with the design creation process, whether it's a component, product or connected system. Based on your specific requirements, the desired apparel can be developed using Vulpés technology as the "basic architecture". The aesthetics and the product look would be adapted to your corporate design. Once the design project is complete, you will receive a physical prototype that can be used as a basis for performance testing and eventually mass production.


Product design

Vulpés designs high-quality hardware and software products, taking into account aesthetic, functional and ergonomic characteristics. 

Prototyp Designer

System design

Vulpés designs systems consisting of several interoperable devices considering the networking, data exchange as well as the communication and sensor architecture.

Unternehmen für Maschinenbau

Usability engineering

The company focuses, among other things, on ergonomics, human-machine interactions, integration of electronic components and test group testing in design projects.

Stoff schneiden

Material design

Vulpés develops material combinations for textiles and other hardware products, considering the optimal properties for high product performance and quality.

3D CAD of smart glove / Vulpés Tech


The company designs hardware and textile products using engineering drawings and CAD software.

Simulation models


Vulpés creates simulations and mathematical models to calculate physical parameters, which are taken into account when creating designs.

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