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Verwenden des Mobiltelefons

The communication and networking systems

Communication and networking technologies are used to transfer point to point data. Based on the range of range of information transmission, the communication technologies can be devided into short-, medium- and long-distance systems.


Short-distance communication is often used for wearables, smart clothing and other portable devices. 

Smart wear for police and security services
Smartwear for construction
Communication systems for leisure, sports, work and health


Health and therapy

Smartwear for fire and rescue service

Rescue workers and firefighters

Police and security service

Smart wearable devices for health and therapy
Smart clothing for sports wear


Smart wear for motorcycling

Motorcycle and bicycle

Smart wear for outdoor sports


Leisure time

Smart wear for leisure and fashion
Smart digital gadget with short-distance communication

The short-distance communication systems

The short-distance communication systems are designed to transfer signals over a short range, typically within a few centimeters to 20 meters. Examples are Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Zigbee and Near Field Communication (NFC).


These systems are commonly used for data exchange between devices such as smartphones, laptops and IoT products.

Vulpés has already developed several types of communication systems with different signal ranges, latitudes, data transmtion volume and can easily integrate the respective chips and microcontrollers into the comprehensive electronic architecture. 

Vulpés short and mid-distance communication system

Medium- and long- distance communication systems

The medium-distance communication systems are designed for communication over a range of up to several kilometers. Examples are cellular networks (2G, 3G, 4G and 5G), WiMAX and satellite phones. These systems are commonly used for voice and data communications.

Long-distance communication systems are designed for long-distance communication, spanning hundreds or thousands of kilometers. Examples include fiber optic cables, microwave links, and satellite communication systems.

Why choosing Vulpés

Access to technology to build smart products

Access to technology

Fast time-to-market from design to delivery of smart goods

Fast time to market

Providing one-stop shop for design, development and production services for smart products

From the idea to implementation

cost efficent development and production of smartwear products

Cost efficient

Experienced team consisting of designers, engineeres and production specialists to digitalize conventional to smart products

Experienced team

High quality of smart wear products due to well-established quality assurance system


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